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Some people will talk a good game but fail to deliver on their promises, much to your disappointment. You also can fall into the trap of self-deception, believing what you want to believe rather than seeing a situation for what it is. This makes it wise to seek an objective opinion before making important life decisions. Listen to the feedback and take it to heart. Saturn will almost complete its Virgo transit this year, entering Libra October 29, and returning to Virgo for a few months in the next year.

All of these are characteristic of Saturn, the planet that nearly always delivers rewards if you follow its rules. Saturn is all about structure, responsibility, and accountability. If you feel you have yet to achieve your goals, make that a priority this year. On its own Uranus in your domestic sector could trigger a move or an extensive home remodeling project.

Matched with Saturn, this could be the result of relocation for a new position or promotion. Uranus in your sign of home and family can also indicate changes in family life, such as a relative or roommate moving in or out. When Saturn and Uranus join forces February and September , the living arrangement will become difficult at best and intolerable at worst. Give your support system equal time. If either of these possibilities seems likely, be proactive: network and send out resumes. Saturn moves on to Libra, your solar eleventh house, October 29, to begin its nearly three-year tour of this sign.

Some are sure to disappoint you, while others will be a stabilizing force in your life. Some of the people who enter your life in the next few years will have a karmic connection. Once you are eager to seek progress and finish the work quickly, you will make mistakes easily and reveal your privacy to coworkers, so protect your privacy properly. With respect to the average luck for wealth, you are not suggested to make opportunistic or risky investment and gamble, and should beware of being deceived or losing money.

If possible, you may date or go to the cinema together to improve the love relationship since you are not so blessed in this aspect. Also, you will be in fair health and need to improve the immunity to keep away from catching a cold. October October 28th — November 25th, With an ordinary luck for wealth, you will make money from limited sources and need to control the spending in view of the strong consumption capability. Fairly blessed in career, you tend to be impatient for work, which will be nothing good for work but let your superior down on you.

Only if you are passionate for work and maintain a dedicated and responsible attitude to it, can you develop well in the ups and downs.

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As for love relationship, you single Rabbits tend to be irritable and restless and scare off those who are interested in you, thus miss the right one. November November 26th — December 25th, Due to the significantly improved luck for career, you will take business easily, finish the work efficiently and get to a new field or position, so accept challenges and seize opportunities properly. Once you are strong enough to face it, you will make great progress in career. Do not buy everything you want out of material desire.

When it comes to love relationship, you will fall for someone and spend the joyful time together, so you may consider about starting a relationship. December December 26th, — January 24th, Your career will be plain sailing. Everything will seemingly go well in your work but there will be hidden troubles, requiring you to check the data, contracts and materials carefully before submission. A co-worker may make mischief and you need to reply rationally to avoid being cheated or convinced. With good luck for windfall, you may try the low-risk short-term financing projects and say no to the speculative behaviors which are quite risky and will lead to great losses.

If you are married, you may take a desired travel together to improve the relationship.

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January January 25th — February 22nd, Blessed by the auspicious star Zhu Zi, you people of Rabbit sign can be extremely lucky this month. Seize the opportunity in career and give full play to your talent, you will ride on the crest of success. Pay close attention to the interpersonal relationship in work, and protect yourself from being set up by the vile. The luck for wealth can be very good, both in work pay and windfall, and you should stop at the right time.

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Besides, you will be lucky in love and health and everything will go well. February February 23rd — March 23rd, As this month's fortune declines, you will find many obstacles in career and need to be diligent and down-to-earth. Deal with the interpersonal relationship at work properly and be careful about any disputes caused by the vile, which can hinder the development of your career. Rabbit people's wealth horoscope can be mixed: despite the handsome income, you will find it hard to save money and should not make large-scale or venture investment.

The love aspect can be ordinary, and you may easily misunderstand each other, so communicate more to prevent a third party to your relationship. March March 24th — April 22nd, This month, good things will come to you one after another. With more opportunities for career development, you should seize them to develop your cause to a higher level.

Blessed by the star in charge of wealth, you will be lucky for salary and windfall and may invest in venture capital properly. The love horoscope can be excellent, and both male and female Rabbits will get very popular among the opposite sex. However, you should be faithful in love, otherwise your relationship can not be plain sailing. From the aspect of health, keep a reasonable diet to prevent gastrointestinal diseases. April April 23rd — June 20th, Rabbit people will have good luck this month. Your career will go well and what you should do is to stabilize the existing profession and make progress conscientiously to flourish your cause.

At work, you need to coordinate the team, work in peace and harmony with each other, pull together and avoid any dispute. With extremely good luck for wealth, you will get ideal income from work and windfall and may invest in those high-income and low-risk projects in a moderate rather than greedy manner. Blessed in both love and health, you will feel refreshed.

May June 21st — July 20th, This month's horoscope can be stable. The good prospects for career in last month will continue and you need to abide by disciplines and laws and run the business in a down-to-earth manner to gain both fame and wealth. The horoscope of wealth can be good and benefit your windfall rather than speculation. Pay attention to the planned expenditure.

In terms of love relationship, both male and female Rabbits will find luck with the opposite sex, but you should tread the delicate path between friendship and family to prevent it from affecting your normal life. Due to the inauspicious star Zai Sha, you should take good care of yourself and beware of any accident and injury. June July 21st — August 18, This month's horoscope can be ordinary.

Be calm and steady in career and strive to tide it over. At the same time, the disputes may seriously hinder the development of your cause, so keep in mind that harmony is the most precious. With a general luck for wealth, you will be prone to money losses, especially in windfall, thus suitable for investment. Love relationship can be quite unstable, and you need to guard against a third party from disturbing your normal life.

Your luck for health can be less satisfactory. You may suffer from minor illnesses and need to accept treatment in time to cut off the future trouble. July August 19th — September 16th, The horoscope will show an uptrend this month. | your astrology forecast for year to come

Play for safety and do not rush for quick success in career. Consolidate at every step and unite all forces that can be united at work. Though the luck for wealth will be good, you still need to spend in a planned manner, control the money flow and consolidate the savings seriously. In view of the poor luck for windfall, you are not suggested to make venture investment. When it comes to health, keep a reasonable diet to prevent gastrointestinal diseases. August September 17th — October 16th, With a general fortune in this month, you may encounter some obstacles in career and need to handle the relationship between colleagues properly and work together to survive any difficulties and obstacles.

In terms of wealth horoscope, you will have luck in work income and should manage money affairs carefully to accumulate more money. Due to the bad luck for windfall, you should think twice in investment to prevent losing all the capital invested. In this month, you will have the best luck with the opposite sex.

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If you are single, you can expect a relationship; if you are in a relationship, just seize the opportunity to consolidate your emotional life. September October 17th — November 16th, The horoscope of this month will be general. Your career can be easily impeded, so prepare for accidents in advance and be calm no matter what happens.

In this way, any problem can be readily solved. In work, pay close attention to the people and things around, and be careful not to be set up by the vile, which can cause endless trouble to you.

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The wealth aspect can be unstable, and you are advised to save and manage money properly against a rainy day. Because of the poor luck for windfall, you are not suggested to get involved in guarantee, loan or investment. Blessed in love and health, you just need to recuperate and build up energy. October November 15th — December 14th, This month can be bad.

Take a broad and long-term view in career, and work hard to strive for a better future. At work, consolidate at every step and make progress while ensuring stability. Otherwise, either you keep forging ahead or you keep falling behind. The wealth prospects can be very low.

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