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Verizon Media will also provide relevant ads to you on our partners' products. Learn More. Building on those aspects of your life is what this moment was made for. Read your full Leo monthly horoscope. You gravitate to information-gathering, so this buzzy, chatty time fits with your wiring, but it might also leave you craving deeper, more meaningful interactions.

Read your full Virgo monthly horoscope. You might be more conscious of cash flow and spending while the sun moves through your second house of income. Make your case—first, to yourself Libra , and then, to higher-ups who can deliver what you deserve. Read your full Libra monthly horoscope. Read your full Scorpio monthly horoscope.

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Your Monthly Horoscope

Smile sweetly and close the door firmly behind them. You and your lover are on the same side - the rest is just noise. You've come so far - don't lose it now by forgetting a tiny but important detail. Be on top of your game, even if that means losing a few hours sleep while you double and triple check everything. Leaving nothing to chance will boost your confidence. Don't take risks with your emotional security.

If something feels wrong, it probably is wrong.

Astrogirl – Scorpio – 20 February 2017, Weekly Horoscopes

No amount of reason and logic can over-rule that gut feeling, so don't talk yourself into doing something which you know is against your better judgement. If issues from the past resurface now, rest assured that you are a very different person these days. Remind yourself how far you've come. The past can't hurt you - and your growing confidence ensures that the future won't either.

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You're giving a little bit too much away about yourself. Think privacy. An air of mystery will do you no harm at all on the dating front, and besides, social media is a minefield during these energies. Less is more, communication-wise.

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Is someone undermining you behind your back? Look carefully at your trusted circle, because someone may not be all that they seem. If you have to draw a line under a particular friendship, do so with your head held high.

How Scorpio Season 12222 Will Affect Your Work, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

You didn't cause this. Career-wise, matters may come to a crunch point, especially if your work isn't fulfilling you emotionally. Dramatic or drastic action may seem scary, but sometimes the only way out of a rut is by forcing the issue. Be bold. Fears are holding you back, but there is a chance now to deal with your psychological blocks once and for all.

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Seek therapy or treatment if you think you would benefit from it. You don't have to do this all alone. You trust others - this openness is part of your charm. However, a slightly gullible edge emerges this week and you could easily be taken for a ride.


If in doubt, seek the advice of a trusted friend about someone new you may meet. This week's energy is about what makes you feel safe - physically, emotionally or both. Gather your trusted allies around you, check your smoke alarms, close your shutters, be cozy and comforted. All is well. The Taurus Full Moon shows you just how far you have come this year.

Scorpio Tomorrow

Pat yourself on the back for progress made and take time out now to plan ahead for You have a great deal more to offer, so your efforts don't end here. Your trust may be broken during this week's Full Moon, in what may feel like an act of betrayal.

Turn this feeling around and seek the positive. At least now you know what to expect from this person. It's better to know than to not know. Seize the opportunity to take the lead, especially outside of work.