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Many historical dates were represented with the nekkhat position, not with the more common calendrical date. The Burmese zodiac employs eight signs in a seven-day week, with each sign representing its own day, cardinal direction, planet celestial body and animal; it is known as the "Mahabote zodiac". The same sign also appears in Sri Lanka and Thailand under the same name.

Moreover, Rahu and Ketu, while borrowed from Hindu astrology, are different from their original versions. Hindu astrology considers Rahu and Ketu to be the ascending and descending lunar nodes but Burmese astrology considers them distinct planets.

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At any rate, the inclusion of Ketu is not due to astronomical necessity but rather cultural. Eade points out that "there is no astronomical necessity" for Ketu, whose orbit can be derived from the value of Rahu, and suggests that Ketu was "superfluous to the system, and perhaps even as an entity that owes its origin to a mistake".

The signs can be represented in a nine-square diagram. The exact arrangement is used to place the planetary figurines in the "Ceremony of the Nine Gods", with Ketu in the center, right behind a statue of the Buddha. All the planetary figures face the Buddha as the animist practice has been absorbed into Burmese Buddhism.

The Sunday, Tuesday, Saturday and Rahu planets are considered to be Malefics, or planets with an evil influence while the Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday planets are considered Benefics, or planets with benign influence.

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Ketu is considered to be the most powerful and a Benefic but as the chief planet, it cannot be grouped with any other planet. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Part of a series on the Culture of Myanmar History. Burmese language Mon language. Burmese calendar Public holidays Traditional festivals Pagoda festival. Architecture Ceramics Contemporary art Kalaga Glass mosaic. Music and performing arts. If the person is born after April 15 you subtract The reason for this is to bring the Western birthdate into harmony with the traditional Burmese calendar.

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Suppose the person of this example is born on February Then you make the following calculation: Next you divide this value by 7. Suppose we divide by 7. The outcome of this is You should only look at the remainder, which in this case is 2. This value decides which planet appears in the first house of the Mahabote chart.

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If the value is 2 like in this example the Moon will be in the first house. If the value is 1 this will be the Sun, if the value is 3 Mars, if the value is 4 Mercury, if the value is 5 Jupiter, if the value is 6 Venus, if the value is 7 or 0 the planet in the first house will be Saturn. If we have the planet that appears in the first house it is easy to decide which planets appear in the other houses.. If the Moon appears in the first house, then Jupiter will be in the second, the Sun in the third, Mercury in the fourth, Saturn in the fifth, Mars in the sixth and Venus in the seventh house see the chart below.

The birthday planet has a special place in Mahabote analysis. In the Mahabote chart the birthday planet will be underlined.

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The grey houses are houses that cause problems on one way or another. Here is a short analysis of these houses in the example chart. The House of Extremity is the house of all or nothing. Last Week This Week. No rank data for last week. This weeks data is available for free after registration.

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