Seventh place in astrology

My father left my mother when I was eight; she left him when I was fourteen. They stayed together after that, buying homes together, sometimes living together, in a cranky business partnership that recently meant living in separate homes in the same town. Never did I plan to repeat their unhappiness, but my relationships have been mostly cranky too. As happened with my mother, my mate left me the first time, I left him the second.

Interestingly, this is the one house on which modern and traditional astrologers wholly agree.

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Rarely do astrologers talk about developing a clientele as a 7th house matter. It's typically seen as a 10th house marketing challenge. Could a projection be at play? What do you think, April, after starting your own practice fresh, in three towns in a little over three years? My first year as an astrologer was a lonely one. If the phone rang once in six weeks, it was a busy month. My daily visit to the PO Box was just to catch that once-a-month query should it arrive that day.

Above ground I was begging for clients; below ground I was terrified.

Seventh House in the Complete Horoscope

What could they possibly want from me?! My resistance was stronger than my desire. Perhaps this simply took the edge off my terror, but in truth, this is exactly who showed up. Over the years I noticed another curious phenomenon: most of the charts showed that my clients were highly intuitive. This is of course a Pisces quality ie, my 7th house. I gradually adjusted my practice to tease out what my intuitive clients already knew. Together we explore their feelings, unconscious symbols, and their rich imaginations. In other words, we have a Pisces tea party! I provide the cups. Ok, I confess—I love the 7th house!

Your wonderful hypothesis notwithstanding—and I can certainly appreciate the theory—my 7th house doesn't seem to be the repository of my least-loved traits. Philosopher, clown, know-it-all: certainly, I am my Sagittarius Ascendant.

Planets related to this house

Journalist, gossip, communicator: I claim the traits of my Gemini Descendant, even as I am happy to have found them in my nearest and dearest. I was, however, intrigued by your concept of the 7th house "marriage myth" and its impact on our expectations of marriage; it provided a wealth of insight when applied to my own chart. I have only a handful of memories of my parents together, because my father died when I was young.

But I remember the sound of their voices from their bedroom down the hall, soothing me to sleep as they rehashed the day—voices, that sweetest of Gemini lullabies!

One summer my mother took my siblings and me on vacation, while Dad stayed behind to get the crops in. Many years later I ran across a bundle of letters he wrote to her while we were away—beautiful, sensitive, funny letters. The kind you write to your best friend. My Gemini Descendant expectation: The person you marry should be your best friend and confidant.

My relationship with my husband was founded over long chats over coffee. In fact, all the important relationships in my life can be traced back to a common Gemini source: conversation. But there is, ultimately, a tragic ending my 7th house Moon squares Pluto to my myth. One day Zeus topples off a cloud or dies in a car accident, in the case of my dad , leaving Hera without her best friend.

What do you do with a script like that, when you're young and impressionable?

It can tell you whether you'll do better alone or as part of a pair

I opted for a series of romantic relationships with built-in expiration dates. And my romantic projection—loosely based on my parents' situation—was that you only open up to someone when you're sure they're going to leave you. When I did eventually find my best friend and confidant, I was immediately in a bind: I didn't want to live without him, but on the other hand, he lacked a clearly-defined expiration date! I was terrified by the lack of control. To be happily married I had to get past my fear of being left, and learn to trust and love someone whose estimated time of departure is not well-defined.

As for how all this relates to clients—how would I know, this crummy town won't support a decent astrologer! Hyuck hyuck. Oh hell, Dana, I don't know. I sort of subscribe to the "read everybody" school of astrology—a dragnet approach. Works well when you move a lot.

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I figure, if I see enough people, by sheer dint of numbers I'll end up with a clientele. And a varied one, at that—gotta keep that Gemini Moon happy!

Whereas your position—to only have clients whom you'd want as friends—sounds wise and perfect for you. A Pisces Descendant has only one speed in relationship: total immersion. It's lovely, but exhausting, I'm sure. For most people, the seventh house is most significant as an indication of the status of a marriage partner. This house describes what you need most from your significant other, and the rapport that develops between you.

Role of astrology and 7th house in marriage

Please note that romantic love is reflected in the fifth house, but once a commitment is made, that promise moves the relationship to the seventh house. The seventh house is ruled by gentle, refined Venus and by the partnering sign of Libra. New Articles from Susan. More from Astrology Zone. This house also relates to your ability to have children. Seventh house also relates to problems and disinterest in carnal fulfillment, illnesses of reproductive system, impotence and progeny problems.

The reason why you indulge in a partnership is also apparent in the seventh house. Is it for love? Social pressure? Practical reasons?

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Or to fill the void in your life? The sense of cooperation and purpose is important to the seventh house. By cooperating and adjusting, we seek to realize our purpose, accomplish something like happiness, success, profit, and satisfaction. All sorts of partnerships come under the domain of seventh house, not just marriage. These include business partnerships, relationship with clients, contracts, negotiations, agreements and so on.

The kind of relationship you share with your co-founder is governed by this house, who gets a bigger slice in profit is also ruled by 7th house in Vedic Astrology. Your relationship with everyone you enter into a contract with is also governed by seventh house in horoscope. Whether all these partnerships enrich your lives or cause your downfall is also assessed by the planetary position in the seventh house. Seventh house also deals with the darker side of our relationships, the partnerships we form.